For the Future

Sustainability efforts at Calvin Klein

Eliminating single-use plastic. Sourcing environmentally-preferred materials. Comfort redefined with recycled cashmere. Style reimagined with responsibly-sourced materials.

As part of PVH Corp., we are working towards our Forward Fashion targets. That means reducing our negative impacts to zero, increasing our positive impacts to 100% and improving over one million lives in our value chain.

We’re recreating our iconic designs with environmentally-preferred materials – aiming to reach 100% sustainable cotton, viscose and wool by 2025 and 100% sustainable polyester by 2030. And we’re eliminating plastic waste from our business by 2030, starting with our packaging.

Discover our Sustainability Glossary for more information on the sustainable materials and processes we use.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Calvin Klein, for the future. We are innovating new lower-impact techniques to produce our collections and rewriting our rules by moving toward environmentally-preferred materials. We're ending single-use plastic in all our packaging and eliminating unnecessary waste to reduce our footprint by 2030. To reach our targets of 100% sustainable cotton, viscose and wool by 2025, and 100% sustainable polyester by 2030, we are increasing sourcing materials that are recycled, organic, responsibly sourced and regenerative. We’re creating jeans with environmentally-preferred materials such as recycled and organic cotton, as well as lower impact techniques that use less water, energy or chemicals than industry standards. Explore our Calvin Klein Shop to find styles made from recycled fabric blends including cotton, cashmere, wool, polyester and nylon. We are dedicated to our goal of reducing our impact on the planet while improving the lives of our communities and associates everywhere. You can learn more at